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Welcome to the homepage of Eszesvin Vinery Ltd.!
József Szabó and László Nagy

Come and get know the modern technology of our vinery that allows us, to offer you the Eszesvin Vinery’s wines of finest quality. Our wines will become for you and your family the wines of every day because it is suitable for every occasion.

Our factory the Eszesvin Vinery is situated on the Great Hungarian Plain, on the wine growing region of Kiskunság, in Csengőd that is typically a sand grape growing area.

We have been cooperating for many years with our suppliers. Our goal is to be a kind of integrator in the region.

Although our vinery does not insist on the forestalling of grapes in our region, it is based on that.

The most of the wine is bought in the region of Kecel, Soltvadkert, Akasztó, Csengőd, Soltszentimre..

We have got many years of contactwith the following wine regions:

  • Hajós-Baja Wine Region
  • Egri Wine Region,
  • Tokaj,
  • Gyöngyös,
  • Markaz,
  • South of the Balaton

On our homepage you can follow the way of the grape until the bottling.

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Come and visit our vinery, take your family, friends with you!